Husqvarna innovation

Husqvarna innovation

Another day at Husqvarna




Still life

Still life

China king

China king

Make you feel that way

Make you feel that way

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Anna Annvik

Anna Annvik

For an interview in a magazine.



At Carl’s place

At Carl's place



Last week I met Nathalie on a commission for Oh My!



I spotted this senior capheaded birdwatcher, watching birds on Öland last year. I hope to check off some new species this year.



Two geckos fighting over the best hunting spot, in Ubatuba, Brazil.



On a commission for Upphandling24.

Tobias & Agnes

Tobias and Agnes



This week I met Malin, quality manager at Husqvarna.

Cape town

Cape town

Young love

Young love #2

Young love



Favorit i repris

Favorit i repris

Staffan & Eric

Staffan & Eric

Jönköping Against Racism

Jönköping Against Racism #1

Jönköping Against Racism #2

Jönköping Against Racism #3

Some pictures from the protest against the nazi party Svenskarnas Parti in Jönköping 1st of May 2014. It was beautiful to see a whole city rise up against racism. Love can’t be defeated.

Great minds think alike

great-minds-think-alike_2 great-minds-think-alike_1

This is where I found him #14

This is where I found him #14

Metro Student December 2013


I was commissioned by Metro Student to portray a student (my brother) and his best study technique.

Frida and her mom


Frida with her mom. Read more in Metro Student on the 18th of February.



I’m thinking about the future and what possibilities lies ahead. I’m enjoying photography because of it’s amazing capabilities to take a snapshot of a certain amount of time that absolutely never will come back. And then I was thinking perhaps there will be a technique invented in the future that can play recorded light. Retrace the movements I made with my body and sort of replay me moving in my living room.

Fredrik Nyström


I was commissioned by the magazine Upphandling24 to portray Fredrik who works as a Controller at the municipality of Skövde in Sweden. It made the frontpage!



I took this picture of Samuel using my friend Jani Oinonen’s studio lighting. We had some fun the three of us fooling around experimenting with different light settings.

Kitchen nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares

Such a mundane scene.



I miss this dude!



Autumn colors

Autumn colors II

Autumn colors I

Portraying trees is something of a struggle for me. Because I love pictures of trees. And when I see other people’s photos of them I always think they do it so much better. Also the digital sensor is just not meant for capturing nature.

Here’s two pictures of the same scene. It was captured during an ongoing sunset leaving the trees all highlighted and the foreground and Marcus covered in shadow. This mixed with the heavily saturated leaves that where literally burning in the sky. It’s so hard for me to turn this view into something realistic and true without making it look surreal. That’s why I shared both of them. One is a little more tampered with and the other is basically straight from the sensor.

A look at my life

A look at my life

My favorite corner

My favorite corner

I love my cat

I love my cat

Life of a butterfly




This is where I found him #13

This is where I found him #13

This is where I found him #12

This is where I found him #12



Passing by

Behind you


Camouflaged beer

Balancing nudity

The lake

Behind you

Behind you

Number 0100

Number 0100

I want to do more of the things that makes me happy

I want to do more of the things that makes me happy

Michelle took this one!

Inflatable Pool

Inflatable Pool

I’m filing this under ‘bad ideas’.

Youth In Trouble

Youth In Trouble

You’re My Comp-ass

You're my comp-ass

This Is Where I Found Him #11

This Is Where I Found Him #11

Shotgun Love

Shotgun Love

Jonathan Thinking

Jonathan Thinking



What a wonderful woman she is!

Forest Tranquility

This Is Where I Found Him #10
This is where I found him #10

Climbing trees

Climbing trees #2


It was one of those great days of spring where life kind of stops time for a while. The weather was constantly great, there was no wind and best of all – it’s this time of the year where there’s no mosquitos or annoying bugs. We where kids for a day again and it was awesome.



From my trip to Paris last week with my brother.



I used my brand new Lensbaby that I got as a gift from the guys at uKontrøll! You can achieve some pretty cool effects with this lens.



From today’s protest against the demonstrations of Swedish party Svenskarnas Parti, 1st of May.

The Grids In My Head

The Grids In My Head

The Grids In My Head  -- with grids When I’m composing a picture there’s some things I like to keep in mind. One of them is the The rule of thirds. In my head I picture a grid and then place the subject in one of the grid’s cutting points. This is probably one of the most known tricks in the book, but still not everyone thinks about it. It’s an easy way to make your photographs “heaver”. It can make them pop. Take a look at the picture to the left to see what I mean. I use this a lot when I’m cropping images too.

Photoshop tip: If you’re using Adobe’s Photoshop there’s a simple way to get a grid overlaying your images. Go to Edit > Preferences > Guides, Grid & Slices. Use the following:

Photoshop tip: Grid overlay

Press OK when you’re done. To display the grids press CTRL+’ (CMD+’ on Mac) or View > Show > Grid.

However. Remember that rules are meant to be broken!

This Is Where I Found Him #9

This Is Where I Found Him #9

There’s no doubt that my friends are a huge part of my photos. Yet again I find him while I’m on one of my strolls in the nature. Thank you Jonathan!

My Rolleiflex

My Rolleiflex

Me and my broken Rolleiflex. Thanks goes to Staffan for helping out taking this. It’s for my website

Det här är uKontrøll


I was over at uKontrøll a few days ago for a photoshoot. I had lots of fun helping them with some pictures for their future press releases.


Staffan Kolhammar


This is my wingman Staffan Kolhammar. He’s an awesome stand-up comedian, actor and a truly genuine person. Check out his website (available in both Swedish and English) and find out more about him. Oh, and trust me, you’ll love him too!

Visit his website: ›



How It All Starts

Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort #2

Southern Comfort #3

Now I finally know who puts him there! Thank you Jonathan and Marcus for helping me develop my ideas with you!

This Is Where I Could’ve Found Him

This Is Where I Could've Found Him #2

This Is Where I Could've Found Him

Not all of our ideas are turned into a nude shot. Like these two. I thought I’d share some “behind the scenes” with you guys. Stay tuned for the nudes!

I Used To Be Electric

I Used To Be Electric

Sometimes my heart drops when I steal a portrait. This was one of those moments.



Centre of Attention

Centre of Attention

I observed this man while I was waiting for my Cubalibre, in a small bar in Cienfuegos. He seemed as if he were detached from reality for a moment and it was fulfilling to see.

Made In Cuba

Made In Cuba



Highway Maintenance

Highway Maintenance

So I decided to leave Trinidad in a cab. We headed towards Havana when the car broke down in the middle of the highway. Our schedule was pushed one and a half hour but we finally made it to my ‘casa particular’.

Faces of Cuba #4

Faces of Cuba #4

Cuba’s greatest export is smiles. And I met these beautiful people in Trinidad, Cuba.

Beach Shelter

Beach Shelter

This Is Where I Found Him #8

This Is Where I Found Him 8

Trinidad Fisherman

Trinidad Fisherman

A fisherman, trying to sell his catch. Spotted in the backstreets of Trinidad, Cuba.

I Set Sail In A Teardrop

I Set Sail In A Teardrop

Faces of Cuba #3

Military Garden

Taken outside of a military garden in Havana, Cuba. I wasn’t allowed to enter but the nice man agreed on a portrait from above the fence.

Faces of Cuba #2

Faces of Cuba #2

Faces seen in Trinidad, Cuba.

Faces of Cuba

Faces of Cuba

Soon I’ll be posting pictures from my recent trip to Cuba. Stay tuned.

Grandpa and His Woman Ulla-Britt



The Game

Into the Abyss

I’ve always believed that curiosity is what drives us forward. Apparantly Jonathan belives it too. As soon as he safely came out of the frozen abyss, me and Marcus got ourselves a good laugh. See the whole gif of Jonathan falling through the ice.

Fishing For Salmon

Today we went fishing in lake Vättern. The second largest lake in Sweden. My dad caught a tiny salmon, not big enough to keep so we let it back into the water.

My Friend Marcus’ Stockholm

Good Morning

The Tube

The Collector

Record Market


Prodigy Session



The Collector II

Geniality Squared

Ozora Diptych

Picture taken at the Ozora Festival 2012 in Hungary. This shot is favorited!

L’Ultima Cena

I had so much fun shooting this! A really nice, local restaurant in Jönköping, wanted me to portray their business with employees like The Last Supper mural by Leonardo da Vinci. I’m very pleased with the result. This photo will pose as a banner for their upcoming new website that I am working on.

Canoeing In the Wilderness

What can I say. There’s so much going on in this picture and it’s not even staged. It’s just a bunch of fun people, and that’s basically all you need for a successful weekend!

Eurotrip 2012: Part four – Croatia

Man and Antenna



Cat/Sunset Diptych

Sunset in Porec

Russian Swim School


Me Against the World


One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest! Thank you Tobias for taking this left shot with me and the owl!

Golden Hour

Golden Hour II




Muscle Power!

Next up is the Ozora Festival in Hungary.

Eurotrip 2012: Part three – Italy

Lake Garda

Lake Garda II

Italian Breakfast


Tenting Diptych

Confused In Verona

Grapes and Stuff

Verona Camping

Verona Camping II

Brain Camping

I Can Tell You What I Know

Italian Breakfast II

My Brother Took This

Flogging Molly

I was canoeing with some friends this weekend. It was great. I took this photo of Magnus with a frog and I can’t stop laughing!

Eurotrip 2012: Part two – Austria

So we went to Austria again. This time we went to Innsbruck to trekk the mountains. Austria is a really beautiful country with lots to offer. But the nature is what drew us here, you’ll also see why in the following pictures.

Do you feel the inspiration?

Five in the afternoon.

This is actually a behind the scene photo from This Is Where I Found Him!

Next up is Italy.

Eurotrip 2012: Part one – Sweden and Germany

One of the first pictures I took on the trip. This might also be the best one taken. I love it! Favorited.

The keymaker says: “You can’t be here. It’s dangerous!”
Jonathan: “Oh, it’s okay. I’m an engineer.”

More pictures will follow.

This Is Where I Found Him #7

I’ll be starting posting pictures from my Eurotrip 2012 from here on now. I have a lot I’d like to show you so there will be quite a few of them.

Sister in Kefalonia


One of the most photographed beaches in all of Europe. Here’s my contribution! I don’t feel a bit original but it’s a nice view nonetheless.

Poor Leno


Common wood sorrel and wild strawberries. Eaten during a 50 km trekk with Ida this past weekend.




Chicken Littles

A Day In My Friend’s Life: Staffan

Staffan works in a stable for horses in Copenhagen and I decided to join him for a day with my camera.


This Is Where I Found Him #6

So Long, Lonesome

Let There Be Spring

This photo was taken roughly a month ago. Let it work as a moral boost in these rainy days when you thought spring was around the corner.

Table Mountain

We had a 360° view over Cape Town and all its surroundings from the top of Table Mountain. Great weather and a clear blue sky resulted in great visibility that stretched beyond what our eyes could comprehend.

Crunchy Irv


My favorite shot from South Africa. Taken on the rocks at Cape Point. This misty place was magic!

Happy Happy Hippos

This man tried to sell me the worst Kalimba ever. He insisted I wouldn’t find a better one anywhere else. I did. He was very nice though. We ended up talking about how tough Swedes are at negotiating prices. Germans are according to this man the ones who are willing to spend most.

Jenny Valliante

I published this photo the 20th of March 2012. January 8, 2013, I received this e-mail:

Hi, Daniel !

My daughter is journalist . She was in Capetown in february and she is the one who wrote her name with nail varnish !!!
Compliments of the New Year !


South African Penguins

These South African penguins where spotted at Boulders Beach.

Goatshed Restaurant at Fairview Winery

Marvelous food accompanied by some extraordinary Shiraz whine. All made at the Fairview Winery. A truly genuine place to go!

Feeding Frenzy at Hout Bay

I just got back home from a trip to Cape Town, South Africa with lots of great pictures to share. Check back daily!

This picture was taken in Hout Bay Harbour where they sold perfectly awesome fish and chips.

Amanda and Leon

Amanda and Leon #2

I had some fun taking pictures of Amanda and Leon this weekend!

This Is Where I Found Him #5

Jonathan endured -10°C for this picture. Take that humanity!

Fade To Black


First post of the year. I should be ashamed. But here’s a picture of the silent forest now covered in snow.

Also from now on I’ll use a wider format of the pictures (now 960×640).

End Credits

This Is Where I Found Him #4

Tiny Tree #2


Long Time No See

Took a long walk around the natural reserve called Dumme Mosse last weekend. It was really nice.

Expect some interesting photos this upcoming weekend.

Tiny Tree

Forest Road

The Art of Perspective

Where My Thoughts Are

Fountain of Youth


Misty Morning #2

This Is Where I Found Him #3

More from this series: #1 #2

Just Nature

Wearing My Skin Suit


From Where We Belong

I spent the weekend in the forest with Jonathan and Tobias. It was awesome. On Saturday morning we woke up at 4am to watch the civil twilight and the sunrise.


Because We Own the Sky

Some recent photos from my time in the nature.

More will come with this theme.

Made In Sweden

Sweden was a bit more racist back then.

Apple of My Eye

Anna Cecilia took this picture.


It feels like yesterday I posted a picture about the first snow of 2010. Now it’s officially spring. These flowers represent nothing else.


I Miss the Forest

Pictures like these makes me look forward to the woods again. The birds tweeting nonstop, the gentle breeze caressing your cheeks and the peace you feel of just sitting there. I’ll head for the trees this weekend and I’ll bring the camera.

Hovering the Ice

Inspired by the Girl who loves to levitate.

Play Room

Christmas melancholy, mixed with excitement and confusion.

Lost Room

Jonathan’s Golf

He’s very much in love with his brand new old car.

Have a Seat

I’ve been procrastinating too much lately. I have some photos from last weekend I want to share. I’ll fix them this weekend.

In the Electric Mist

Not My Ray-Ban

Wearing My Autumn Outfit

This photo was taken yesterday. Today we had our first snow. I love trees.


The days are getting shorter and the cold is closing in on Sweden. The autumn passed too quickly this year.


This Is Where I Found Him #2

Another picture of Jonathan dead. See #1. Favorited!

Work in Progress

A new favorite of mine. I might upload another version of this during the week.

Tickle tickle

Denim Bros. #2

Göran Hallin for Upphandling24

The finance magazine Upphandling24 needed my help to portray Göran Hallin for their upcoming number.

Denim Bros.

Eyes of a Pirate



I looked for you among the stars and found you
At the center of my mind
So vibrant with life and energy
Like a shooting star you reached out for me

Anna y Manchas

I’m back in Sweden again. Missing what I left behind. But time is relative and becomes only what you make of it, so I’ll try make it go as fast as possible.


Chipinque is a great place for a picknick and fresh air. Or if you just want to go for a walk in the nature along the tracks available here. The view is amazing and it’s nice to get away from all the traffic and its fumes for a while and just enjoy what the nature has to offer.


Society is divided into two classes: the ones that have money, and the ones who don’t lose their hope of getting it.
— Anonymous


Zombie Lemonade at the Comic Convention

Photos taken during the Animex Convention in Monterrey, México 2010. My favorite, except this awesome zombie dude, is the old man charging people to shoot Edward with the bow and arrow. You know Edward, the sparkling vampire from the movie trilogy Twilight? Yeah, I know…


Polly Want a Cracker


The craziest dog I’ve ever met.

I Know What’s Behind This Door


Waking Up

Just hours before the tivoli starts in Marín, Nuevo Léon, México.

Pecans and Avocado Trees

From the garden of a ranch in Marín, Nuevo León, México. (Image is clickable.)

Hurricane Alex: The aftermath

Yesterday I took a drive through the city with Anna and her mother. The destruction of the city is immense and beyond recognition. I took a lot of photos and the quality might not be as the usual ones at Silfver Creations. This is more for documentary purpose. But perhaps you can enjoy them anyway. The Hurricane Alex from my point of view. And please remember the source of these photos.

If you want to use these photos for commercial use say hi first and we’ll discuss it. Are you a blogger or want them for private use, please feel free to do so. I appreciate link backs though.

It’s 9 images so it might take a while to load if you’re outside of Sweden.


When the hurricane Alex hit Monterrey

Last year I was here for the swine flu. This year the hurricane Alex. So far so good. I’m still alive. What you see on the top image is a flooded river bank that’s been dry for decades. No more go kart, circuses, soccer fields or markets. Everything got flushed away.

Yesterday and the day before that was pretty overwhelming with all the heavy rain. Today it’s more clear and people is starting to overlook all the damage. I’ll try to post more pictures of the disaster later on when I get more pictures.

I’ll keep you all updated. Let’s just hope my house gets water back soon…

Last year I was here for the swine flu. This year the hurricane Alex. So far so good. I’m still alive. What you see on the top image is a flooded river bank that’s been dry for decades. No more go kart, circuses, soccer fields or markets. Everything got flushed away.

Yesterday and the day before that was pretty overwhelming with all the heavy rain. Today it’s more clear and people is starting to overlook all the damage. I’ll try to post more pictures of the disaster later on when I get more pictures.

I’ll keep you all updated. Let’s just hope my house gets water back soon…

Bandera Monumental in Monterrey, Nuevo León

The biggest monumental flag in Mexico is the one located at the Mirador del Obispado in Monterrey (northeast) with a pole of 120 tons and 100.6 meters in height. The flag measures 50 by 28.6 meters and weighs 230 kilograms. This is four times the size of most other monumental flags. — Wikipedia

When México won against France in the World Cup

I thought I had the camera set to Auto ISO but it was actually ISO100. But I kind of like the blurry motion feeling in the picture. It was a wonderful game. A great day for México.

Imaginary Room

Outside a bar in Real de Catorce, México. Sometimes you wonder if there’s been a gerilla war in México. Some things are too run down.


I love doors. They always make me so curious of what’s on the other side of them. Who’s behind them, what kind of people who went through there. The word door is also very interesting. Think about it.

This photo is barely touched.

Tired Tree


I finally got my camera! A Canon EOS 5D Mark II accompanied with a Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 USM L.

The first shots will be from Real de Catorce in México. I’ll post more shots from this town starting with a donkey with it’s master hiding from the sun.

I’ll do my best to kickstart this blog with fresh photos again. Keep yourself updated.