It had to be done

One of the most photographed views in New York?

A Mother's Love 2016

We were on our way up to Daintree Forest through Cairns and somewhere in between we stopped at an animal rescue place. They had snakes in cages there and our Aboriginal guide objected strongly against it and didn’t like the idea of caging animals. He was an inspiration to listen to and he told us great many stories on our way up north in the many hours spent in the van.

This baby kangaroo had been orphaned not long ago and taken care of here until she was ready to bounce on her own. She was just waking up in her small blanket imitating a pouch and we got to take a peek. This woman sat down on her knees and approached the kangaroo slowly and somehow I saw it happen through my camera. I knew when I pressed the trigger I got it. A glimpse of love.

That was about a decade ago. And I still get happy when I look at it.