I’ve always been lucky with festivals. Even though I’ve only visited two. But the summer of 2009 was special. The festival in Emmaboda was such a success and imprinted a great memory in my life. I just felt like posting a few of my favorites from the festival now that Sweden is dark and bitter this is reminding me of how great Sweden can be. Enjoy.

Kap Bambino performing in the deepest forests of Sweden.

Italian dj-duo Bloody Beetrots to the left and the Swedish pop-rock band Bob Hund to the right. Great energy in both of the performances. Absolutely lovely.

Alcohol is of course an important ingredient in a successful festival.

Sweden has lots of beautiful lakes. And they’re just a great escape from all of the stress in a camping area. We took the car and drove of for some minutes to unwind, swim, sunbath and just reload our batteries for the next concerts.

True to tradition people sent their tents up in the trees on their final day of the festival.

It feels great seeing these photos. They make me happy, satisfied and sentimental. This is Sweden when it’s at its best. Sweden, I love you.

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This photo was taken yesterday. Today we had our first snow. I love trees.