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Hurricane Alex: The aftermath

Yesterday I took a drive through the city with Anna and her mother. The destruction of the city is immense and beyond recognition. I took a lot of photos and the quality might not be as the usual ones at Silfver Creations. This is more for documentary purpose. But perhaps you can enjoy them anyway. The Hurricane Alex from my point of view. And please remember the source of these photos.

If you want to use these photos for commercial use say hi first and we’ll discuss it. Are you a blogger or want them for private use, please feel free to do so. I appreciate link backs though.

It’s 9 images so it might take a while to load if you’re outside of Sweden.

This bridge was disconnected from its sockets during a gas explosion caused by the heavy water masses.

Anna and her mother overlooking the explosion area.

The river looks lot more calm now than the night before. It’s amazing though that this river has been dried up for over 20 years. To the left is a flushed away baseball field.

Kids play in the clean waters coming from the surrounding mountains.

Since most people are out of water in their houses they collect it from outside from this relatively clean sources of rain water.

This house got hit by the mountain.

Heavy erosion flushing away everything in its way.

Anna holding her emperor scorpion.

The police supervise the traffic that’s now forced to take other roads when the old ones are eroded away.