Anna y Manchas

I’m back in Sweden again. Missing what I left behind. But time is relative and becomes only what you make of it, so I’ll try make it go as fast as possible.


Chipinque is a great place for a picknick and fresh air. Or if you just want to go for a walk in the nature along the tracks available here. The view is amazing and it’s nice to get away from all the traffic and its fumes for a while and just enjoy what the nature has to offer.


Society is divided into two classes: the ones that have money, and the ones who don’t lose their hope of getting it.
— Anonymous

Zombie Lemonade at the Comic Convention

Photos taken during the Animex Convention in Monterrey, México 2010. My favorite, except this awesome zombie dude, is the old man charging people to shoot Edward with the bow and arrow. You know Edward, the sparkling vampire from the movie trilogy Twilight? Yeah, I know…

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