Autumn colors

Autumn colors II

Autumn colors I

Portraying trees is something of a struggle for me. Because I love pictures of trees. And when I see other people’s photos of them I always think they do it so much better. Also the digital sensor is just not meant for capturing nature.

Here’s two pictures of the same scene. It was captured during an ongoing sunset leaving the trees all highlighted and the foreground and Marcus covered in shadow. This mixed with the heavily saturated leaves that where literally burning in the sky. It’s so hard for me to turn this view into something realistic and true without making it look surreal. That’s why I shared both of them. One is a little more tampered with and the other is basically straight from the sensor.

My Friend Marcus’ Stockholm

Good Morning

The Tube

The Collector

Record Market


Prodigy Session



The Collector II

Geniality Squared

I Miss the Forest

Pictures like these makes me look forward to the woods again. The birds tweeting nonstop, the gentle breeze caressing your cheeks and the peace you feel of just sitting there. I’ll head for the trees this weekend and I’ll bring the camera.