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Silfver Creations — Fine Art Photography by Daniel Silfver

This is the photoblog of a Swedish photographer, currently living in Jönköping. If you like what you see, say hi.

This Is Where I Found Him #6

So Long, Lonesome

Let There Be Spring

This photo was taken roughly a month ago. Let it work as a moral boost in these rainy days when you thought spring was around the corner.

Table Mountain

We had a 360° view over Cape Town and all its surroundings from the top of Table Mountain. Great weather and a clear blue sky resulted in great visibility that stretched beyond what our eyes could comprehend.

Crunchy Irv


My favorite shot from South Africa. Taken on the rocks at Cape Point. This misty place was magic!

Happy Happy Hippos

This man tried to sell me the worst Kalimba ever. He insisted I wouldn’t find a better one anywhere else. I did. He was very nice though. We ended up talking about how tough Swedes are at negotiating prices. Germans are according to this man the ones who are willing to spend most.

Jenny Valliante

South African Penguins

These South African penguins where spotted at Boulders Beach.

Goatshed Restaurant at Fairview Winery

Marvelous food accompanied by some extraordinary Shiraz whine. All made at the Fairview Winery. A truly genuine place to go!

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