Forest walk

Forest walk

I’ve been inactive for some time mainly because I’ve started shooting analog. But today I got my scanner so now I can start posting some developed film! I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. Stay tuned for some analog fun!



I’m thinking about the future and what possibilities lies ahead. I’m enjoying photography because of it’s amazing capabilities to take a snapshot of a certain amount of time that absolutely never will come back. And then I was thinking perhaps there will be a technique invented in the future that can play recorded light. Retrace the movements I made with my body and sort of replay me moving in my living room.

Fredrik Nyström


I was commissioned by the magazine Upphandling24 to portray Fredrik who works as a Controller at the municipality of Skövde in Sweden. It made the frontpage!



I took this picture of Samuel using my friend Jani Oinonen’s studio lighting. We had some fun the three of us fooling around experimenting with different light settings.